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This article describes the procedure for determining what has happened to a customer invoice that was created but does not appear in the Customer Account Inquiry.

If an invoice is not showing up in the Customer Account Inquiry, it is most likely because the invoice in question has not passed through all three phases of the Daily Close.

An invoice can have a status of Current, Batch or History which changes with each step in the Daily Close process.

Current invoices include invoices that have NOT yet been accepted in Daily Close 1 - Invoice Edit.

Batch invoices include invoices that have been accepted on an Invoice Edit Report, but have not yet been posted successfully through the Daily Close 2: Generate Postings.

History invoices have been posted with Daily Close 2: Generate Postings but may not have passed through Daily Close #3

Thenext step is to find the status of the invoice. Knowing the invoice status determines what action to take to post the invoice.

1) Look in Back Office Menu -> Hold/Release Current Invoices. Window ( F4) on the Invoice Number , then press the ENTER key twice.

This will display a list of CURRENT invoices. Are any On Hold? Do any have a DBR# that is lower than the current DBR# ?

2) Use Counter Menu -> Inquiries -> Document Inquiry -> Invoices to find BATCH and HISTORY invoices by selecting the Batch or the History option for "Search Invoices In" .

(For History invoices use the Additional Search Options to restrict the search by date or some other filter).

NOTE: The status HISTORY only occurs when the invoice has passed through Daily Close #2. It is possible that a HISTORY invoice has NOT passed through Daily Close #3. A HISTORY invoice must pass through Daily Close #3 to appear on the customer's account.

Once you have determined the invoice status, run Daily Close #1 for CURRENT Invoices, Daily Close #2 for BATCH invoices, or Daily Close #3 for HISTORY invoices (accepting both Daily Close #3 reports).