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About GateWay and SRM

Provides a conceptual overview of the relationship between GateWay and SRM.




GateWay Administrator, SRM Administrator


GateWay, SRM


Your GateWay application is closely related to the SRM (Systematic Rental Management) application your company uses for business management. Both applications share specific pieces of information freely between them. This information sharing enables a complete flow of information from the time that a product is rented on your site, to the time you receive payment and deposit the amount, and everything in between. 

Information from SRM 

SRM supplies GateWay with the following information:

  • Invoices for each specific customer
  • PDF versions of your rental contracts and invoices
  • Rental contract information
  • Product rates and prices
  • Job site information
  • Company contacts (these become your individual users in certain cases)
  • Divisions
  • Locations
  • Checkout total calculations

Information to SRM

GateWay supplies SRM with the following information:

  • Rental equipment pickup requests
  • Payment information
  • Purchase order numbers
  • Rental contract due dates
  • Reservation requests

Note: If the customer has access to your ecommerce website, requests must be manually converted to contracts in SRM then flow back into GateWay

  • Product orders

Daily Use of SRM

As a GateWay administrator, you do not generally need to use SRM on a regular basis, unless you are also the SRM administrator. Typically you use SRM when initially setting up your company and users in GateWay, and from then onward, whenever you add more companies or users, or connect a user to more than one company. 

Connecting GateWay and SRM

The connection between GateWay and your SRM application is set up by the Texada Client Services team at the time of your implementation. If you have any questions about this process, please contact

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