2020 GateWay Release Notes

Contains release notes for GateWay for the 2020 calendar year.

These release notes address new features and code fixes for the standard release of GateWay as of 2020. Notes are categorized as either Enhancements (new components or features) or Corrections (bug fixes).

All changes will be fully laid out in the Help Center, located at www.help.texadasoftware.com, following the release.

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October 2020

Version 2020.04

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Ticket # Component Description
GW-642 Support Tickets When viewing support tickets as a customer using the HubSpot - ServiceHub integration, you can now search for tickets by 'Ticket Name' and 'Ticket Description' details.
GW-1246 Invoices We have added the ability to select one of the previously saved payment methods while making payments of Invoices and an “Add Payment Method” button to save new payment methods to the account.
GW-1050 Customer Access We have increased the customers' ability to manage their stored 'Methods of Payment' details by adding, removing, or updating payment methods.
GW-1261 Rentals We have applied minor visual enhancements to make Product Description details more prominent on cards in mobile.
GW-1245 Dashboard We have enhanced the default 'Equipment spending by class' modal on the dashboard to fetch data for the last 12 months instead of perpetuity.
API Changes    
Ticket # Component Description
GW-1221 Orders

A “Booking ID” has been added to the new order details that are sent to SRM to identify requests sent from GateWay. This “Booking ID” can be viewed on the <Portal Confirmation> screen and can also be used in the search filters for the <Portal Confirmations Search>.

July 2020

Version 2020.03

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Ticket # Type Description
LP-351 Enhancement

When customers filter their table view for Rentals or Contracts, their view settings are saved for future visits. They can also export this view to Excel.

LP-658 Enhancement

If a customer has an asset on rent that has GPS enabled it will show on the rentals table. By clicking the icon, the customer will be able to see the last 7 days of data. This includes the lat. long and meter readings for each day.

Ticket # Type Description
LP-718 Enhancement

We've added the ability for customers to save views and export Online Order History to Excel and CSV files.

Ticket # Type Description
LP-571 Enhancement

We've added the ability for customers to save views and export Invoices to Excel and CSV files.

Ticket # Type Description
LP-793 Enhancement

We have added a Dashboard to Customer Access that summarizes Total Equipment Spend, Equipment Type Spend, and Aging Summary.


April 2020

Version 2020.02

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Manage My Account    
Ticket # Type Description
GW-581 Enhancement

Customers now have the ability to set email alerts for upcoming due invoices.

Ticket # Type Description
GW-1147 Enhancement

Updated mobile compatibility on invoice screens including:

  • Billing inquiry invoice list and invoice view
  • Rate Calendar
  • Pickup Ticket
  • Date Calendar, range multiple and date picker
Open Pickups    
Ticket # Type Description
GW-1123 Enhancement

Added an option for Serial Number column in the open pickup ticket table.

March 2020

Version 2020.01

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Manage My Account    
Ticket # Type Description
GW-644 Enhancement

Removed "Add New Portal Account" button from My Accounts > Portal Settings and renamed Portal Settings to "Company Access"

Ticket # Type Description
GW-815 Enhancement

Added "Replacement Amt" to Rental > List View

Email Templates    
Ticket # Type Description
GW-1113 Enhancement

Updated the Equipment Pickup Request automated email to include notes

Ticket # Type Description
GW-1128 Correction

Resolved an error that resulted in a "Disallowed Key Character" message when attempting to login.

Mobile Responsiveness    
Ticket # Type Description





In order to be user-friendly, the Rentals, Invoices, and Orders menus have been modified to be mobile-responsive.

Customer Access    
Ticket # Type Description
GW-1067 Enhancement

Added permissions that allow you to restrict your customer's ability to modify the "Contract Due Back" date or alter existing purchase order numbers.

Ticket # Type Description
GW-572 Enhancement

Redesign Invoice Detail Modal/pageGW-572