Issuing a Refund Check for an A/R Credit

A customer has a credit A/R balance and a check for that amount needs to be issued to clear that balance.


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A customer is currently carrying a credit A/R balance, and that balance is being paid out to the customer using a digital check created in the SRM application.


A digital check is produced using the function General Ledger Menu -> Checks -> Computer Checks

Fill out the check header information with the check details and payee information:

Accept to be prompted for financial information.  Enter the AR Control G/L account.  There will be warning about being a Control Account, OK to continue:

The system will next prompt for the AR Customer Information this should be posted to.  Enter the Customer Number as well as the document number.  This field is free-form, but to maintain clarity when records are being removed for this kind of transaction is is recommended to use CREDIT or REFUND as part of the record name:

Accept, and enter the Check Amount to be issued:

Accept to save this Check.  It must then be Printed and then Posted.  Use: General Ledger Menu -> Checks -> Print G/L Computer Checks to produce the checks on the pre-defined check paper.  For more information on those requirements, please review AP/GL Check Alignment and Requirements.

Finally post the check using: General Ledger Menu -> Checks -> Post G/L Computer Checks

Posting this check will produce an AR Record for the refund, that the credit amount can be applied to: