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Supported access methods for the Texada Platform

This article details the supported browser/access platforms for the Texada Platform and how to get/update them if necessary.

The Texada Platform is a web-based collection of solutions that are accessed primarily through an Internet Browser.  While there is considerable options for browsing the Internet, the Texada Platform is only tested under a specific set of solutions.   Accessing the Texada Platform using an unsupported solution is possible, but for a consistent and reliable experience it is strongly recommended that one of the following platforms be used:

Personal Computer Platforms

Microsoft Windows - All updated versions of the Windows Operating System that are actively supported by Microsoft.

Apple OS - All updated versions of the Apple Operating System that are actively supported by Apple.

Internet Browser Platforms

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge powered by Chromium

Mozilla Firefox


Mobile/Tablet Platforms


Android verified through the Google Play App Store

Note: due to the diverse and varying releases of the Android platform it is not possible to provide an definitive list of supported devices.   It is recommended that any Android device be updated to it's most recent release, and Texada Platform applications can only be obtained through the Google Play Store.

Caution: any issues encountered in a platform that is not supported will not be investigated or troubleshot.   Use of a supported platform will be recommended as the only solution.