Purchase Orders

Approving Purchase Orders

This article expands on approving purchase orders once the Purchase Order Approval Process has been configured.

Review setting up the Purchase Order Approval Process here.

Create a Purchase Order

Using the standard process to create a purchase order. The user will add the details and the order is totaled.

If the PO total is below the user's limit it is automatically approved and it can be printed/emailed.

If the PO total is above the user's limit the PO is flagged as pending approval and the user's Approver is sent an email.

Approve a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders - P.O. Approvals - Purchase Order Approval

This screen is used by operators to review the status of their Purchase Orders and what they need to approve. 

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The Approval can "Select" the the PO to approve, they will be able to Approve, Reject or Re-Assign the PO based on the criteria. Adding a note is available.

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Approval Actions

Approve: The PO is approved, it can be printed/email and the requestor is notified
Reject: The PO is rejected, the Approver can add notes and the requestor is notified
Re-Assign: If the PO is over the Approvers limit, it approval can be re-assigned to the next level up.