Purchase Orders

Set Up Purchase Order Approval Processing

How to set up the PO Approval settings for the Texada Platform.

The Texada platform allows users to setup a hierarchy of team members for approving Purchase Orders within specific limits. This is useful to help control and manage spending by limiting the total value an employee can allocate to a Purchase Order. 


There is a parameter at the Company level to enable this processing.

Configuration - System - Company Parameters - Inventory Parameters


Note: A warning will appear, reminding you to setup your Approval Limits

Set up Approval Limits

These limits are defined at the Security Role level, you will define a limit for each role required. The top level limit will need to be 999,999,999. 

Configuration - Security - Security Roles - Permissions - Role Parameters

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User Role Limit Approver
Jim Friendly Purchasing Agent $1,000 Carly Justice
Carly Justice Purchasing Manager $10,000 Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson VP - Finance $100,000 Richard Peterson
Richard Peterson CFO $999,999,999  

Define Approver

The approver for the user is configured at the Operator level.

Configuration - Security - Operators 

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