Unable to bill a Sales Order

The error "Someone else is billing this order" displays

When billing a Sales Order the error "Someone else is billing this order" can display.   This has two causes:

  1. Another operator is legitimately billing this order in another session.  Check with co-workers to confirm that no other operator is actively working/billing the sales order in question.
  2. Another operator was reviewing/billing the sales order, but their session was improperly closed leaving the sales order locked.   Please review Document Locks: General Information for details of how to clear a session lock.

After the session lock is cleared this can leave a flag enabled that will still prevent access to bill this sales order.  This can be released using the RESET button on the Bill Sales Order screen:

The RESET button is only active when the role assigned to the Operators has permission to reset Sales Orders - Being Billed.

This action can be used to release an order for billing when it has been locked by another user who was dropped or aborted out of the order incorrectly.

Confirm that no one else is actually billing this order before clicking the RESET button to remove the in-use flag as outlined in Reset Order Billing Flag.