Unable to print a document: Pop-Up Blocker

When printing a document or report in SRM nothing appears on screen.

Important: Due to to the web based nature of the Systematic Rental Management Software all print requests from within the application are generated as a digital document on the server, and then downloaded to the client workstation to be opened locally.   As such there is no direct communication between the SRM application and a local physical printer. 

When a print request is delivered digitally to a client workstation the local Internet Web Browser can interpret that download to be a form of unwanted pop-up or ad, and will block it from appearing on the screen.

This is most commonly an issue with a new workstation, but can reoccur as an issue if browser configurations/settings get reset or changed.

The following instructions detail how to manage popup settings in the three major supported Internet Web Browsers:

Google Chrome

Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting 

Microsoft Edge

Block/Allow Popups in Microsoft Edge