"Syserr(1): Error Reading Log" Error When Running the "Export A/R Invoices" Utility

What to do when you encounter the "Syserr(1): Error Reading Log" error that sometimes occurs when running the “Export A/R Invoices” utility in Texada SRM.

Syserr(1) Error Reading LogError text: Syserr(1): Error Reading Log

This error sometimes occurs when running the Export A/R Invoices utility in Texada SRM, found at Utilities → XML Data Export Utilities → Export A/R Invoices. It signifies that no directory has been set up to accept A/R Invoice exporting. 

This error cannot be addressed by the end user, as the required directory must be created by a member of Texada’s IT team. If you encounter this error, please contact Texada support at:

Phone - North America: 1-800-361-1233 x 1
Phone - Australia: 1-800-304-926
Phone - New Zealand: 0508-589-101