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Create a task ticket when a piece of equipment is at a customer’s site and you need to move it to another site belonging to the same customer without returning to your yard first. 

For example, create a task ticket if you deliver a boom lift to a customer’s site but it turns out the customer needed it directed to another site. 

You can also create a task ticket to cover any type of delivery or pickup that does not involve your equipment. For example, if your driver is making a delivery, you can create a task ticket to have them drop off a number of invoices for that customer at the same time. 

Task tickets are typically created on short notice, and as such, they are not scheduled ahead of time. 

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions, existing ticket, existing division, task ticket date, existing customer profile, pickup address, delivery address

Optional: Mobile device with an internet connection


To create a task ticket, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Web menu bar, navigate to Tickets > Create Ticket
    The Select ticket type page opens
  2. Click Task
    The NEW TASK TICKET page opens
  3. Use the Location drop-down to select the location associated with the task ticket
    1. Typically, this is the location you operate out of
    2. The available options in the Location drop-down vary, depending on your access permissions
  4. Optional: Type the number of the contract in the Contract # field to use as a reference. For example, add a contract number if a customer is renting a piece of equipment for two weeks at one location, and two weeks at a second location, but wants a single contract for the entire month.
  5. Click date GWCARentalsChangeProductDueDate3-1in the Scheduled field and use the calendar field to set the date when the task is scheduled to begin
    Notes: Click time FLWATicketsDeliveryCreate10on the calendar to select the scheduled time
  6. Optional: In the PRIORITY section, do one of the following to set the priority level of the task ticket:
    1. Click Low to set the priority level as low
    2. Click Moderate to set the priority level as medium
    3. Click Critical to set the priority level as high
      Note: The priority level of the ticket has no effect on the ticket, but serves as a visual indicator in the list of tickets as to what needs to be completed first
  7. Optional: Click the CUSTOMER INFO field and do the following:
    1. Type information about the customer. For example, type the customer name or address.
      The list of customers narrows to reflect your search terms
    2. Click the needed customer record
      The CUSTOMER INFO area is updated
      The customer is selected
      Note: Click Select Another Customer to return to the list of customers
  8. Optional: Click the ASSETS field and do the following:
    1. Type information about the asset. For example, type the asset name
      The list of assets narrows to reflect your search terms
    2. Click the needed asset entry
      The ASSETS area is updated
      The asset is selected
  9. Type the address the driver is starting from in the Origin Address field
    1. Optional: Select the correct autofill address
  1. Type the address the driver is travelling to in the Destination Address field
    1. Optional: Select the correct autofill address
  2. Optional: Type any needed comments about the ticket in the COMMENTS field. For example, any special delivery instructions or contact information.
  3. Optional: Attach any needed attachments to the ticket in the ATTACHMENTS field.
  4. When you are finished adding the required information, click Create Task
    The ticket is added to the list of task tickets

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