2021 Texada Release Notes

Contains release notes for both the web and mobile versions of Texada for the 2021 calendar year.

These release notes address new features and code fixes for the standard release of Texada as of 2021. Notes are categorized as either an Enhancement (new component or feature) or a Correction (bug fix).

All changes will be fully laid out in the Help Center, located at www.help.texadasoftware.com, following the release.

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April 2021

Version 2021.01

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Work Orders    
Ticket # Type Description
LP-4133 Enhancement The user can now issue partial or decimal quantities of parts in a Work Order
LP-3563 Enhancement The operator can now edit the description of select parts on a Work Order that have description editing enabled
LP-3669 Enhancement There is now a totals section in the Work Order edit view
LP-3778 Enhancement A repair summary button is now in the totals section if the prompt for maintenance code is set 
LP-3373 Enhancement There is now an address autofill component in Edit and Create Work Order screens
LP-3015 Enhancement Work Order scheduling is now improved
LP-3744 Enhancement The user can now email a Work Order receipt to multiple addresses
LP-3753 Enhancement The dispatcher can now edit and delete comments by any user in a Work Order
LP-3814 Enhancement The Work Order PDF when emailing from sign off on Mobile has been replaced by an inspection form completed on that Work Order
LP-3928 Enhancement The filter values are now retained in the Work Order List view for every user
LP-3990 Enhancement When a web console user flags a Work Order, the system generated comment is now internal, not customer-facing
Ticket # Type Description
LP-3993 Enhancement Tickets no longer auto flag if a signature is unavailable
LP-4219 Correction The user can now edit the quantity and rate of service in Tickets
LP-3474 Enhancement There is now a file attachments component in Create Ticket
LP-3372 Enhancement There is now an address autofill component in Edit and Create Tickets screens
Ticket # Type Description
LP-3491 Enhancement Capture Signature now shows a log of events
LP-3558 Enhancement The Contract List table now shows eSignature status
LP-3545 Correction The user can now manually type the date range in Contacts List view and get correct results
Ticket # Type Description
IOS-268 Enhancement A selection of repair codes for Work Orders on Mobile is now supported
IOS-616 Enhancement While the prompt for maintenance codes on Work Order details is set, the user can now add a repair code segment
IOS-600 Enhancement The operator can now edit the description for sales parts with the ‘allow editing description’ flag enabled
IOS-598 Enhancement The order of the Work Order for display on Mobile is now sent once Work Order scheduling is complete
IOS-640 Enhancement

The user can now delete photos in Work Orders

IOS-616 Enhancement

Work orders have been enhanced to separate the header information from the details, and inspections.

Ticket # Type Description
LP-4119 Correction A disabled driver is removed from the driver list
LP-3670 Enhancement When the prompt for maintenance code is checked, the repair code column and sections within Parts/Labor/Services is now displayed
LP-3575 Enhancement The date picker is now improved
LP-3787 Enhancement The context menus in Work Order, Ticket and Contract Lists are now improved

January 2021

Version 2020.05

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Rental Returns
Ticket # Type Description
LP-2940 Enhancement New flow within the app now allows the user to perform a rental return.
LP-290 Enhancement For a cash customer, a user is "forced" to enter payment details for the invoice immediately.
Ticket # Type Description
LP-2188 Enhancement Redesign of the contracts screen, in line with the rest of the app.
LP-3557 Enhancement Added company name to the subject of emails for Contracts and Invoices.
LP-3492 Enhancement While capturing signature by email, removed the modal which requests the user for an email address to "Email me a copy". Instead, a copy of the signed contract will be compulsorily emailed to the signer.
Ticket # Type Description
LP-3464 Enhancement Added the ability to sort by Product # in Inventory > Assets List
LP-2869 Enhancement A user can now switch between saved views in the Rental Board.
LP-3273 Enhancement Added shortcut to the Rental Board on Dashboard.
Work Orders    
Ticket # Type Description
LP-3493 Enhancement Added support for filtering of "Flagged" Columns in Tickets and Work Orders.
LP-1552 Correction Fixed the bug to add any inspection form associated with a maintenance schedule.
LP-3478 Enhancement Added a date field to the Labour Modal in Work Orders.
Ticket # Type Description
IOS-486 Correction Work Order completion is restricted in case there are parts outstanding.
IOS-525 Correction The user is now able to capture photos when camera orientation changes.
IOS-241 Enhancement A mobile user is now presented with a list of all inspection forms across all types when editing a work order.
IOS-265 Enhancement A mobile user is prompted for a serial number while adding serialised parts to a work order
IOS-439 Enhancement The user is prompted to specify the cost when the Cost Type for the part is set to "prompt".
IOS-57 Correction The user is able to see the contact phone number for the Work Order site.
IOS-531 Enhancement A new button is added to load/unload all assets on a ticket
AND-715 Correction The bug where switching location did not refresh the WO list has been fixed
AND-850 Correction The bug where self assigning work orders did not change its status to assigned has been fixed
Other Enhancements    
Ticket # Component Description
LP-3548 Settings The bug that caused the user-defined email configuration to not get picked up has been fixed.
LP-2831 Tickets Partially completed tickets can now be closed from Texada Web.