Download a Work Order Invoice as a PDF in Texada Web

Describes how to download a work order invoice as a PDF in Texada Web.


How to 


Texada Web Administrator and Counter


Texada Web, Texada Mobile


Download a work order as a PDF when you need to invoice a customer who requires an electronic copy of the invoice or if your business practice is to keep an electronic copy of the invoice for your records. 

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection; valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions; existing invoice; and existing work order

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection



To download a work order invoice as a PDF, do the following:

  1. In Texada Web, use the menu bar to navigate to Invoices > Invoice List
    The list of work order invoices opens
  2. Click the work order invoice you need to print
    The INVOICE page opens
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the invoice and click Download PDF
    The work order invoice is downloaded as a PDF in your web browser

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