About Customers

Describes the purpose of and main scenarios for the use of Customer records in Texada Web and Texada Mobile.


Customers in Texada Web and Texada Mobile represent the companies and other business entities that you rent or sell your equipment and services to. You can create a unique record for each customer in Texada Web and Texada Mobile that contains all their relevant information for their business. Customer records form a valuable reference resource for your company, ensuring you always have the most correct and up-to-date information available.

When you create a customer record, you can save valuable time and effort by attaching the record to a work order, a delivery, pickup, transport ticket or other functionality within Texada Web and Texada Mobile. Doing so ensures your technicians, drivers, and other workers know exactly who, what, and where they are doing work for. As well, your SRM (Systematic Rental Management) application uses the customer record when automatically billing customers for the equipment and services you provide. 

Customer records ensure that your workflows are correct and efficient by ensuring you only enter information about a company once then use it many times. You can update the information in a customer record at any time. 

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Note: Customers and contacts are not the same in Texada Web and Texada Mobile. A customer represents a company record, while contacts are information contained within that record that refers to individuals at that company. ABC Construction is a customer, while Amy Jones, the administrator is a contact for that company. 

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