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Assets represent the equipment, fleet, and inventory that you rent or sell to your customer base. In general, they are created to form an inventory list that is then associated with or added to other documents, such as work orders. 

In both Texada Web and Texada Mobile, you can view your asset inventory as well as associate assets with work orders or tickets. Add an asset to a work order when the asset requires attention, such as repairs or maintenance. Add an asset to a ticket when you need to move one to a different location. 

Note: All assets are non-consumable; you are renting them out and expect to get them back. 

Asset types

There are many different types of assets. In Texada Web and Texada Mobile, they are categorized in three main ways:

  • Bulk or non-bulk
  • Serialized or non-serialized
  • A combination of the above

Tracked assets

In Texada Web and Texada Mobile, asset use data such as wear and tear is tracked for certain types of assets:

  • Bladed
  • Metered


  • Bladed and metered assets can be bulk, non-bulk, serialized, or non-serialized assets as well
  • An asset cannot be bladed and metered

Bulk assets

Bulk assets are non-unique assets, such as scaffolding or air hoses. In terms of rentals, customers are not usually specific about which bulk asset they want to rent. As a result, they are typically not serialized and not metered. 

In Texada Web and Texada, you can have a quantity of more than 1 of a bulk asset on a work order, ticket, invoice, or other documents because they are not unique. 

Non-bulk assets

Non-bulk assets are unique assets, such as bulldozers. Customers and organizations are typically specific about which ones they rent. Non-bulk assets are usually serialized. 

In Texada Web and Texada Mobile, you can never have a quantity of more than 1 on a document, because each asset is unique. 

Serialized assets

Serialized assets are unique assets, such as bulldozers, and are always non-bulk assets as a result. 

The quantity of a serialized asset must always be 1 on a document in Texada Web and Texada Mobile.

Non-serialized assets

Non-serialized assets can be bulk or non-bulk assets, such as a ladder. 

The quantity of a non-serialized asset can be 1 or more on a document in Texada Web and Texada Mobile. 

Note: Even though non-serialized assets do not have serial numbers, most organizations still typically assign their own unique internal product numbers to them.

Bladed assets

Bladed assets are tracked assets that have blades, bits, or other reusable attachments that are used to cut or boreholes in something else. They include equipment such as saws and drill bits. What is tracked depends on the nature of the asset. For example, for a circular saw blade, the diameter of the blade is tracked. 

Bladed assets are always non-bulk, as it is critical that an organization know which blades are worn and possibly unsafe for use. 

You cannot edit a bladed asset in Texada Web, only SRM (Systematic Rental Management).

Metered assets

Metered assets are assets that have some sort of counter or meter built into them. They are typically found on larger assets such as excavators that measure distance travelled or hours used. 

Meters include odometers and hour meters. The purpose of metered assets is:

  • To determine how much to charge the customer for an asset if the billing is connected to the meter reading
  • To gauge the amount of wear and tear on an asset so that proper maintenance intervals can be set up
  • To adhere to legal and/or safety requirements for the operation of the equipment

Metered assets commonly come into play in Texada Mobile where a technician or driver can view the meter on an asset and update the reading in real-time. 

Knowing the meter reading on an asset also serves to protect your company in the case of any customer or legal disputes.

You cannot edit a metered asset in Texada Web or Texada Mobile, only SRM. You can edit the meter reading on an asset in Texada Mobile or SRM.

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