Search the List of Operators in Texada Web

Describes how to search, filter, and view the list of operators in Texada Web.


How to


Texada Web Administrator or Service Manager


Texada Web


As your company grows, your list of personnel at your company may also grow. Search the list of operators in Texada Web to gain insights into who your roster of active personnel is. You can see the work an operator has completed within a selected date range along with details of the work. 

You can also customize the list of operators to only display information that is relevant to your business.  See: “Customize a List in Texada Web” for more information on customizing and filtering the list of operators.

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection; valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions; existing driver or technician

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection



To search for a driver or technician, do the following:

  1. Do one of the following in the Texada Web menu bar:
    1. Navigate to Operators > Drivers if you need to search for a driver
    2. Navigate to Operators > technicians if you need to search for a technician
  2. The list of drivers/technicians opens in the main area


  1. Type your search terms, such as the operator’s name or number in the Search by name field
    The list of existing drivers or technicians narrows to reflect your search terms

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