Document Locks: General Information

Messages indicating a record lock are not necessarily error messages. The initial step is to assume that the lock is caused by another user accessing the same data.

It is highly likely that the lock was the result of another operator accessing the same document and thus "Locking" it and preventing other users from accessing that data.

The first step in resolving a locked document is to determine if the lock is legitimate. The vast majority of document locks are genuine,  in order to preserve information integrity.

To determine whether a user is currently accessing a document use:

System Maintenance Menu -> Database Locking Inquiry

Leave the screen on the default options ( this will check everything) and clickAcceptto perform the inquiry.

If a lock is found, an information screen will display the operator information that is locking the file.

Ask that operator to release the document if they are done with it or complete the changes to that document.

Once they are out of the document,  the lock will be released and another operator can work on that document.

If the database lock inquiry does not return a result (no locks found) then the document lock is likely caused by an improper exit of the program while modifying document information. These situations can have multiple causes:

1) Software/hardware crash: the client workstation suffered an error that caused it to shutdown unexpectedly.

2) Network connection failure: an Intranet/Internet connection failure between the client and the server can result in a document lock.

3) Closing the SRM application without properly saving information and logging off. It is very important that users fully Accept or Cancel all document changes, and then use the "Log Off" feature of the SRM client to exit the program.

Forcing the program to close in any other way can lead to a document lock.

If no lock is found by the Database Locking Inquiry there are a couple of steps that can be taken to attempt a release:

1) If all users are off the system, use the following:

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System -> General Settings -> Clear Current Users

Note:It is very important that no one is on the system when this function is run,  otherwise they will be booted out of the system and,  depending on what they were working on,  this can generate a lock.

2) Patience: most document locks will clear themselves after approximately 20-40 minutes of the lock occurring.

3) Invoice Document Specific: Administrators can "Reset in Use" invoices using:

Counter Menu -> Miscellaneous/Point of Sale Invoices -> RESET IN USE button ->

Enter the invoice number and reset.

If the lock is persisting, it will be necessary to contact Texada Support in order to examine the data that is causing the lock and then determine the process necessary to release that lock.

Phone:  1-800-361-1233