Marketing Codes and Default Comments on Documents

Using Marketing Codes to create a default comment for all Contracts:


  1. Go to Marketing Codes and create a Market Code for your comment you wish to appear on Contracts
    1. Here you can create a code numbers or letters  to 'call up' the comments
    2. Here you can enter up to 4 separate lines of comments which will show in the Contract Header (see contract example provided)
  2. If you use the  'blank' Marketing Code then this will show on ALL Contracts
  3. To use other Marketing Codes they must be selected during the Contract creation process

Additionally, a Market Code can be set to default on your Invoices as well - this is configured under Division Parameters as shown in the last screen shot.

Menu Path: Marketing Codes

rtaImage (18)

Some examples of Marketing Codes

rtaImage (19)

Sample Contract with Marketing Codes

rtaImage (20)

Select the Marketing Code and click 'Details' to see what actually prints on the document

rtaImage (21)

Sample Contract - shows numerous Marketing Codes selected while creating the Contract and the default Marketing Code

rtaImage (22)

Appendix: Excerpt from HELP File

rtaImage (23)