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Top 10 Benefits of SaaS

What is SaaS?

‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) is a way of delivering access to an application over the Internet,

using web-based software or hosted software. Access to a SaaS application is affordable and

easy. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser from a computer or device –

anywhere at any time.

Why SaaS can work for your Business!

Texada’s SaaS subscribers are assured continuous application access with no server hardware,

software or operating system to buy, install or maintain… all without any expensive IT costs. With

the SRM SaaS Solution, Texada assumes all responsibility for maintaining the servers in a

professional IT datacenter managing secure access to the application, providing availability,

performance and back-up protection. The SRM SaaS solution always utilizes the most current

software version, with seamless installation of any updates and upgrades.

Top 10 Benefits of the SRM SaaS Solution:

1. Affordable:

Because the SRM SaaS Solution is provided on a per user monthly subscription,

there are no longer any user software license costs, large initial deployment costs or IT capital

costs for hardware purchases. Also eliminated are the IT staffing costs and ongoing software

maintenance with the required upgrade costs every few years that comes with traditional on-

premise software solutions.

2. Quick & Easy:

Texada’s SRM SaaS Solution provides a rapid deployment, with enterprise-class

functionality and reliability. All you need is a supported web browser with Internet access,

and you're ready to go from almost any device.

3. IT Coverage:

Texada provides all the professional IT expertise including operating system with

database licensing and support to ensure that the application is always secure with

performance and reliability commitments delivered.

4. Latest Version:

Texada Software manages all updates and upgrades. keeping the software

current and eliminating the need to install or download patches and/or perform major release


5. Up Time Maximized:

Minimal downtime is ensured as scheduled updates and upgrades are

performed after hours to ensure high availability with no business impact.

6. Backup and Recovery Security:

Daily automatic backups are performed to ensure the

integrity and easy recovery of your data at all times.

7. Global Access:

The SRM SaaS Solution gives you freedom in terms of where and when you

choose to work. It is Texada Software’s priority to deliver seamless access of the application to

our subscribers anytime and from anywhere in the world.

8. User and Data Security:

Texada’s security is a multidimensional business imperative,

covering application security, user access role permissions, network security, internal systems

security, and operating systems security.

9. Subscription Scalability:

With the SRM SaaS Solution, you can add or reduce user monthly subscriptions for system access as required. This allows you to decrease your systems costs

during slow season and then scale up with the required user subscriptions during your busy


10. Customer Service Commitment:

Leadership and innovation are instrumental for Texada Software and we are proud to be the first construction equipment and rental software provider to deliver a fully functional SaaS solution. As always, Texada is committed to service excellence.