Systematic Data Check: Logins Disabled

Why does this occur ?

Should logins ever be disabled this is an indication that there is a Data Check error.

These errors occur for the following reasons:

  1. ISCHK errors which indicate file corruption
  2. Page size errors which indicate a file is nearing its maximum size
  3. Miscellaneous errors such as the Data Check process hanging or being interrupted(server shutdown while the process is running for instance).

Preventing Data Check Errors

To help prevent corruption or temporary files from reaching their size limits please log out properly at day's end. As well it is a good practice to always back out to a menu when you are going to be away from your work station for an extended period of time. The Data Check process runs at 1 am every by default so please ensure no backups or scheduled jobs are running during this time frame. The time the Data Check is run can be modified if 1:00 AM is not appropriate. Running jobs or backups during the Data Check will cause one of two issues:

1) the Data Check Process will stop and leave logins disabled

2) possible data file corruption issues will result in Ischk errors  leaving logins disabled

The indicator that you have a Data Check error is when you sign in to Systematic. You will be presented with a screen indicating there is a Data Check issue and that logins are disabled. If the issue is with a file the file name will be listed here (such as GLGL.PRO, RSRQ51A.PRO)

Procedure to Enable Logins

Should logins ever be disabled due to a Data Check, please follow these guidelines:

If the filename in error is 4 characters long, such as, do NOT enable logins. Immediately call Texada Software Support. Or, create a new case with the subject of DATACHECK.

If the filename is longer,  such as RSRQ51A.PRO, enable logins and then notify Texada support via phone or email. Please let us know via either method that the logins have been enabled and on which server this was performed.

If no filename is mentioned, enable logins.

To enable logins go to the server, click on theSTARTbutton and then chooseAll Programs -> Systematic Rental Management ->Tools.

Right-click on Systematic Data Check and choose the Run as Administrator option.

rtaImage (17)

Click on the Enable Logins button to allow users to login.

Whenever this occurs, Texada Support needs to be notified so that we can resolve the issue and to prevent possible data loss or loss of system functionality.