Vendor Part List Upload Process

There are three steps to uploading a Vendor Part List in SRM:

  1. Convert the Parts List file for compatible import
  2. Create the Vendor Definition File
  3. Import the parts list

1. Convert the Parts List file for compatible import

The compatible file format for upload within SRM for the Vendor Part List is "Formatted Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)" type.   If the data is provided in a different format, some conversion may be required.   The easiest method of conversion is to use Microsoft Excel, as most lists will be provided/generated in Excel workbooks.

Open the parts list in Excel.   UseFile -> Save As to save the file using the format "Formatted Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)"

rtaImage (12)

It is recommended that the filename be short and only contain letters/numbers.  Example: PartsList1.prn  Please do not include spaces or special characters.

A notification message may appear warning that "Some features in your workbook might be lost if you save it as Formatted Text (Space delimited)."  This is desired, click Yes to continue.

rtaImage (13)

The resulting *.prn file now must be converted to a *.txt file for import. 

Using a Text Editor Program like Notepad, open the *.prn file and Save it using the Plain Text (*.txt) format.

rtaImage (14)

The resulting Text file will be used for import.

2. Create the Vendor Definition File

In the SRM Application, navigate to: Inventory Control Menu -> Vendor Catalogues -> Vendor Definition File ->

Input the vendor number and input the File Name created in step one (e.g. PartsList.txt). Press Enter. 

A screen will be displayed with four default descriptions: Product #,Description,Cost,List.  Additional entries can be made if necessary.  To complete this information, the column numbers will have to be determined in the *.txt file.  To do this, open the *.txt file, and input the following text string across the top:


Repeat as necessary to cover the top:

rtaImage (15)

Each character is considered a column.   In the above example, the Product # in SRM corresponds to PART NUMBER in the *.txt file, and the columns would equal 1 to 11.  Description corresponds to ITEM DESC, and the columns would equal 12 to 40.   While this is dependant on how the Vendor has formatted the values in the file, typically the Vendors "LIST PRICE" would equal the "COST" for the system.   So in the above example, Cost in SRM corresponds to Current List, and the columns would equal 41 to 52.   Repeat this process for every necessary data set.

For Cost and List, there is an additional option to "Assign Decimal"  If the dollar values (as in the above example) already include a decimal place, leave this field blank.   This would only be used if a price list is being loaded that is only in pennies, without the decimal place indicated.   If this type of parts list is being loaded, indicate where the decimal place should be by indicating how many columns from the right it should be.  For example, for a part with a value of 079 (that is $0.78) the assigned decimal value would be 2.

Press Accept to save the setup for the Vendor Definition File.

3. Import the parts list

Access: Inventory Control Menu -> Vendor Catalogues -> Vendor Parts Standard Import ->

Input the Vendor Number and press Enter.  The File Name should be automatically populated. Click the Upload button in the bottom left hand corner of this screen, and Browse to the file location that is to be uploaded.  The option "Initialize File" can be checked, this will delete any existing Vendor Price Files in the system prior to upload.  If this is not selected, then the program will only copy in new Vendor Price records, and will not overwrite or update any existing ones.

This upload process can take several minutes depending on the size of the file being uploaded.  Once the upload process is complete, a notification message will display advising of a successful upload.