Service Level Agreement - How to get help in Systematic

Systematic Problem?

How to get help

As a new user of the Systematic application, you will probably experience some sort of problem or have some questions about how to perform a specific task within the application

It may be an error message or you may have unintentionally pressed the wrong key and ended up in an unexpected screen. You may have been tasked with using some unfamiliar functionality and need some clarification.

There are a number of things you can do:

1. Ask a colleague.

2. Use the Help File

3. Consult the Systematic knowledgebase

4. Try to reproduce in Play Data

5. Contact Systematic Support

This article takes a look at each of these steps

1. Ask a Colleague.
Sometimes this is the fastest way of getting the solution. It is possible that a colleague has
already experienced the same issue and can provide immediate assistance.

As your company gains more experience with Systematic, the collective knowledge of your entire group will become a valuable resource.

2. Use the Help File
The Help file is always available by clicking the F1 key in whichever screen is displayed. This is an important feature designed to eliminate searching for a help topic by going directly to the
appropriate help file entry from within the application.

The left-hand pane provides several options for searching for topics;

-The Contents tab is organized in the same way as the menu options
-The Index tab uses the keyword to find topics by title.
-The Search tab searches the body of the help file entries for the specified keyword.
-The Favorites tab allows the user to build a list of topics that the user may want to keep for future reference.

3. Consult the Systematic knowledgebase

Operators that have been defined with a username and password have access the Support page of the Texada website.


-Click on Services, then Support, then the ENTER button.
-The operator can search by category and review frequently asked questions.
-The issue may have been previously reported. The operator can search on your previous help desk incidents and can submit questions directly from the website.

4. Try to reproduce in Play Data
Play Data is a reproduction of your Live Data environment. It can be most useful when testing a procedure being used for the first time.

Play Data can also be used to replicate what is being done in your Live Data and may help identify what went wrong.

5. Contact Systematic Support
a) Submit a question from the Support website.
This will create an incident in our help desk tracking application and the operator will receive a
confirmation with the incident number.

b) Submit a question via email to
This will also create an incident in our help desk tracking application and the operator will receive a confirmation with the incident number.

c) Call Support
Call us directly at 1-800-361-1233, option 1.
We strive to answer phone calls as soon as they are received but sometimes this is not possible. In that case, please leave a detailed message.

This will also create an incident in our help desk tracking application. That way we do not miss any calls.

Whichever method you choose, please supply as much detail as possible. This will help us prepare a suitable response and reduce the time required to resolve the issue.

If you experience an error, let us know which menu option was in use when the error message
appeared and the exact text of the message.

If you want to produce a report but cannot find a suitable option, let us know what data is required.

Call us if you would like further explanation of a particular procedure or clarification of an entry in the help file.