Service Vans as Inventory Locations

To start;
Create a new Division for each Service Van (ie. VN1 = Service Van One)

  • Go to Config. > System Tab > Company & Divisions > Division
  • Click the ADD button
  • Create a name for your Van Division
  • Enter Address needed for Tax purposes
  • Phone # could be a mobile if it is always with the Van
  • Enter the appropriate Tax Codes
  • Decide whether taxes should be done by Division (the Van) or by Customer
  • Division Type should be Inventory Location

If in doubt about any of the fields - check the help file - hit F1 while on the Division screen to read about each field and its options.

NOTE the follwoing:

  1. Advise those creating Work Orders associated with the Service Vans to leave the Division as Head Office (or where ever) and enter the Van' s Code for Location - see attached screen shot.
  2. Remind operators to transfer products on and off the vans as required using the Inventory Transfer function.
  3. Confirm that operators have permission to assign the New Division(s) on Work Orders. [see Divisional Restricted Views]

rtaImage (1)

rtaImage (2)

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