About the SRM Xero Integration

Provides a conceptual overview of the Xero Integration for SRM along with the main use case scenarios.




SRM Administrator, Bookkeeper, Accountant




Use the SRM Xero integration to avoid manually entering your accounting journal postings in both applications.  The integration can save you valuable time, effort, duplication errors, and discrepancies in your financial reporting.

Note: The integration is available for Software as a Service (SaaS) SRM customers only.

Data Sync

The SRM Xero integration works by replicating certain information you enter in SRM into the appropriate spots in Xero via a one-way sync.  In other words, this information does not travel back from Xero to SRM.  The following information is synced over the integration:

  • Chart of account name
  • Chart of account description
  • Chart of account ID number
  • Debit and credit posting amounts

Daily Use

Use the SRM Xero integration to perform your daily close routines in your financial reporting process.   This process varies by company; some organizations do daily closes on daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules.  In SRM, the integration adds a fourth "sync" step to your daily close process, which manually shares your SRM posting information with Xero. 

Note: See: "Use the SRM Xero Integration to Complete Your Daily Close Process" for more information on the daily use of the integration.

Set Up

Your implementation specialist performs all the necessary set-up steps to get the SRM Xero integration successfully working.  Contact support@texadasoftware.com if you are interested in setting up the SRM Xero integration.

System Changes

Setting up the SRM Xero integration results in the addition of several new menu items in SRM:

  • System Maintenance Menu > Configure System Settings > System > Company & Divisions > Company Parameters > Software Integration > Integrated Acct tab
    • This tab enables your implementation specialist to input your Xero credentials and activate the integration on the SRM side
  • System Maintenance Menu > Configure System Settings > Accounting Tab > General Ledger > Chart of Accounts 
    • A validate button is used to test the connection between SRM and Xero before attempting to sync
  • Accounts Payable > Vendor Information
    • A Xero Account ID field is added and is used by your implementation specialist to set up the integration on the SRM side

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