Edit a Job Site in GateWay

Describes how to view and edit the details of a job site in the customer access portal.


How to


GateWay Company Administrator


GateWay’s customer access portal



Edit a job site when you need to update the details of the site. For example, if the work at a site is completed and the site is closed, you can update the status of the job site from open to closed.


Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection; valid GateWay account; valid login credentials and access permissions; existing job site



To edit a job site, do the following:

  1. In the customer access portal header bar, use the user menu to select Manage Job Sites

    The Manage Job Sites page opens in the main area
  2. Click the job site you need to update
    The Edit Job Site popup opens
  3. Make any needed updates then click Save
    The updates are saved


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