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FAQ Response: 11+ New Platform Features to Supercharge your Rental Productivity

We have put together an FAQ Response that covers the most commonly asked questions about the webinar.

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Webinar Recording

In case you missed the live presentation or would like to watch it again, the full recording of this webinar is now available below for your review. Original broadcast September 2020.

Commonly asked questions about the new platform features

When will these features be released?

Many of the great new features we shared are currently available within the Texada platform. The full list of upcoming enhancements to the Texada platform is available in the October section of the release notes!

Can I drill into the assets on the Digital Rental Board to see more details? 

Yes, users can drill down into each card to see more information such as rates, make, and model of the asset. [Learn more about the digital rental board]

What types of inspections can we complete using Standalone Inspections? 

Standalone Inspections allow you to digitally capture and store any inspections completed across your entire business. It could be a full-fledged periodic inspection or a quick pre-rent inspection. The best part is that you would always have a digital record of the inspection you can refer to if anything goes wrong.

Can I see unassigned pick-up tickets while using the map view?

Yes, all open pick-ups can be seen and scheduled according to the nearest available driver in the map view.

What costs are associated with eSignature functionality?

eSignatures include the use of electronic and digital signature features within the users Texada instance. Pricing is determined by the number of locations, where each location is charged based on the volume of use. [Learn more about eSignatures]

Where are the signed documents stored? How much storage space does our company have?

Signed documents are stored within SRM, and use your company storage included in your contract. The default storage amount is 5gb per company.

Will we need to purchase a Power BI License as well as subscribe to Texada Analytics?

No, subscribing to Texada Analytics will include your a Power BI License and grant you access to the Power BI mobile application with your Texada Analytics credentials. [Learn more about Texada Analytics]

Will we be able to create our own dashboards and customize visualizations?

Yes, there will be an option for users to consume what Texada creates, but ultimately we will be giving you your data to create your own custom dashboards if you wish. Exports of the data to other programs like Microsoft Excel will also be possible.

Do you integrate Texada Pay with [customer specific] provider?

You can continue to use that provider, but there are tremendous benefits to integration, and Texada has a specific integration in place with Global Payments, one of the largest providers in the world. We’d be happy to walk you through it and show the value you will get from our integration such as cycle billing, and reduced manual entry of cards, etc. [Learn more about Texada Pay]

Commonly asked questions about the Texada platform announcement

What is the Texada platform?

The Texada platform is our all-in-one solution for managing your rental business needs, such as branch operations, accounting, digital signatures, e-commerce, integrated payments, mobile work orders, service and logistics, data visualization, and custom reporting.

Current and prospective customers who join the platform will see an upgraded user interface, more powerful mobility tools, custom reporting, and visualizations all in one inclusive price.

Texada platform will be available in three tiers: Core; Professional; and Enterprise, to serve the needs of small, medium, and enterprise businesses respectively.

Were the features presented during the webinar part of the Texada platform?

Yes, everything shown during the webinar is available within the Texada platform. We covered workflows from Texada Web and Mobile (formerly FleetLogic), as well as the GateWay Customer Access portal that your customers would use to access their rental data online. Texada Analytics and Pay are also available to all Texada customers.

Will our company be required to switch to the new platform?

As an existing Texada SRM customer, you can continue to use the features exactly as you are today with no change to functionality or billing. You will have the option of moving to the Texada Pro or Texada Enterprise tiers to unlock the updated interfaces and functionality.

The current Texada products will no longer be available for new customers. Instead, new customers will adopt the same great features within the unified Texada platform solutions that include instant access to updated rental screens when they are released. 

Commonly asked questions about the Texada Community

How can I contribute my ideas for the Texada roadmap?

Many of the great new features we are releasing start their life as customer ideas. That's why we've launched the Texada Community, an online resource where you can share product feedback and suggest your ideas.

[Visit the community.texadasoftware.com]

You can also join the Customer Advisory Group for a more hands-on experience meeting with our product experts and other members to discuss upcoming designs, feature enhancements, and workflows. [Apply for the Customer Advisory Group]