2019 Texada Mobile (Formerly FleetLogic) Release Notes

Contains release notes for the mobile version of Texada (Formerly FleetLogic) for the 2019 calendar year.

These release notes address new features and code fixes for the standard release of FleetLogic as of 2019. Notes are categorized as either an Enhancement (new component or feature) or a Correction (bug fix).

All changes will be fully laid out in the Help Center, located at www.help.texadasoftware.com, following the release.

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December 2019 - January 2020

Version 2019.12

*New* eSignature functionality added for signing contracts

You now have the ability to add an esignature to contracts in FleetLogic.  Using a mobile device, your customers can sign contracts in person then have an email copy sent to any recipients they need.  The ability to add esignatures to documents saves you and your customers time, money, space, and paper.

October 2019

Version 2019.10

Mobile App - iOS

Asset Management    
Ticket Type Description
AND-312 Enhancement In Asset Management > Product, the tap keyboard menu is hidden when the Done/Checkmark key is pressed on the keyboard.
AND-314 Enhancement Restricted the scan function in Asset Management so that users must wait for the scan to complete before tapping scan again.
Ticket Type Description
LP-1604 Enhancement Mobile users are notified when the scheduled date/time of a ticket that is assigned to them is the current day.
Work Orders    
Ticket Type Description
LP-305 Correction The site name failed to appear on a work order when creating one.

Mobile App - Android

Ticket Type Description
LP-1604 Enhancement Mobile users are notified when the scheduled date/time of a ticket that is assigned to them is the current day.

Work Orders    
Ticket Type Description
LP-305 Correction The site name failed to appear on a work order when creating one.

September 2019

Version 2019.09


  • LP-1493 - Correction - The FleetLogic mobile app failed to display all the Maintenance Schedules set up for a product in SRM.

May 2019

Version 2019.05

Mobile App


  • Correction - Prior to 2019.04, a user could search for an asset to be returned via the in-yard return function by entering the asset’s information in the search bar. After 2019.04’s release, this search function was restricted to searching by customer # or name only, and not by the asset. This has been corrected to revert to previous functionality.


  • Enhancement - The ability to add services to a work order has been added. Mechanics will now be able to identify which service is to be added and its quantity.


  • Correction - Some iPad users experienced an issue where notifications would no longer pop-up on the screen. This has been fixed.
  • Correction - In places where there was both a Division drop-down and a Location drop-down, the Location drop-down was being populated by the company’s Division list, not the company’s Location list. This has been fixed.
  • Enhancement - A change has been made so that when the mobile user is not on a field that requires the keyboard, the keyboard will not appear.

April 2019

Version 2019.04

Mobile App


  • Enhancement - When creating a work order, the division and location selection boxes will now have labels indicating which drop-down is locations and which is divisions.
  • Enhancement - When creating a work order, a mobile user will now be able to click the Start Working button at the bottom of the screen or use the triangular “play” button in the top-right.
  • Correction - Previously, the suggested text includes “serial #” which implied you could search for a user by serial #, which is inaccurate. This text has been removed.


  • Enhancement - We moved the Refresh button to the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the app in order to be consistent with iOS.
  • Enhancement - We have added a tab labeled “All”. This tab will now show all tickets under one section. Previously, each type of ticket would have its own tab, and the user would have to bounce between them.
  • Enhancement - In order to be more consistent with best practices and iOS appearance, all non-user-entered text has been converted to Standard Case.
  • Enhancement - To be more consistent with iOS, we have added the ability to swipe right-to-left on a row to delete the entry.

CONSISTENCY - Both iOS and Android

  • Correction - the grey suggested text in the asset search bar (accessible when navigating to hamburger icon > asset maintenance) has been changed to “Search b asset name or number…” to be more accurate.


  • Enhancement - When updating a meter reading - either via a Work Order, Inspection Form, or Asset Maintenance screen - the existing, pre-populated meter reading will become highlighted so that as the user begins typing, it will overwrite the existing text as opposed to adding to it.
  • Enhancement - All Location names/descriptions will now also be prefixed with the ID corresponding to that location.
  • Enhancement - The Due Date field on Work Orders has been updated to be consistent with the rest of the mobile app. The due date will now display in “Mmm, DD, YYYY” format (e.g. May 10, 2019)
  • Enhancement - When no comments have been added to a Work Order, the message “No Comments Yet” will be displayed. Previously, this messaging was inconsistent on both mobile app platforms.
  • Enhancement - When in a field that only accepts numeric inputs, a numeric keyboard will appear instead of the traditional alphanumeric keyboard.


  • Enhancement - Previously, when navigating to a screen where a user could add text, the keyboard was omnipresent. We have changed this so that the keyboard only appears when the cursor is in a text input field.

March 2019

Version 2019.03

Mobile App


  • Enhancement – A security parameter was added to SRM to determine whether or not a user (mechanic) has the ability to create/complete an ad hoc inspection (via Asset Management screen). This permission is now passed to FleetLogic and obeyed.
  • Correction – Previously, the requested quantity was increasing as the user increased the issued quantity (expected behavior), however, the requested quantity was not decreasing as the user decreased the issued quantity. This has been corrected so that both fields increase/decrease correctly.

February 2019

Version 2019.02

Mobile App


  • Correction – Previously, the purchasing agent was not being notified when a requested part was removed from a work order. This has been corrected so that the purchasing agent is notified of the removal of a requested part from a work order.
  • Enhancement - Added support for disabling auto-time tracking. If enabled for the company, a mobile user will not be forced to select a labor line when starting or resuming a work order.
  • Correction - Previously, there was a persistent white bar at the bottom of some screens when minimizing the keyboard. This has been corrected so that there is no persistent white bar.
  • Enhancement (Android) - Added support for built-in visible light barcode scanners. Current support is for the Honeywell Dolphin CT60L1N and the Zebra TC56CJ rugged devices. Any user will also be able to toggle the camera function on or off to bypass the camera in support of other rugged devices.


  • Enhancement - Added the ability to add photos as well as capture the operator name and signature when completing an asset inspection.
  • Enhancement - Added the ability to change an inspection form for an asset inspection if the default form is not the right one the user is looking to complete.
  • Enhancement - A new field is available on the asset management screen for the location of the asset.
  • Enhancement - A new inspection form element has been added to allow companies to prompt mobile users to take a specific picture.
  • Enhancement - Added the "Mark All as Read" button on the notifications tab to mark all notifications read.

January 2019

Version 2019.01

Mobile App


  • Enhancement - The Asset Management screen (accessed via the hamburger icon) has had several changes made to it this release. In order to accommodate this and allow for easy workflow, we have separated the Asset Management pages and functions into separate tabs.
  • Enhancement - When clicking the “Inspection” tab, the default landing page is to display past inspections. This will display all past inspection forms in descending order.
  • Enhancement - Within the Asset Management screen, users will now be able to complete an inspection form without having to create a Work Order for those changes. When selecting the option to complete a new inspection, any default inspection forms (as configured in SRM) will be loaded.
  • Enhancement - When selecting the option to complete a new inspection via the Asset Management screen, any default inspection forms are loaded. We have also added the ability to change inspection forms so that if the user selects the incorrect inspection form or needs to complete a non-default inspection form, they can do so.


  • Correction – We encountered an error where if parts were removed from a work order from within SRM, that information was not syncing back to FleetLogic.