Add a Company Logo to Your Ecommerce Website in the Administration Panel

Describes how to add or update your company logo on your ecommerce website in the GateWay Administration Panel.


How to


GateWay Administrator


GateWay Administration Panel, ecommerce


Add a company logo to your ecommerce website to raise brand awareness of your company with your customers.  

The logo serves three purposes:

  • It reminds your customers who they are shopping with, helping you remain top-of-mind
  • It serves as a home button that takes your customers to your ecommerce website homepage when they click it
  • It serves as a home button that takes you to the Administration Panel dashboard when you click it in the Administration panel

You can add or update your logo at any time

You can add any type of valid logo image file, such as .jpg, .bmp, or .gif.

Before You Begin

Required: Valid GateWay account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing logo image file


To add or update your company logo, do the following:

  1. In the Administration Panel menu bar, navigate to CMS > Company Logo
    The Company Logo page opens in the main area
  2. In the Upload Logo section, click Choose File to select the logo image file from your device’s file manager
    The logo image is added to the Upload Logo section
  3. Click Upload
    The logo image is added to your ecommerce website
    The logo image is added to your Administration Panel

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