Preview an eCommerce Website Page in the Administration Panel

Describes how to preview an existing ecommerce website page in the GateWay Administration Panel.


How to


GateWay Administrator


GateWay Administration Panel, ecommerce


As you create your pages for your ecommerce site, it is recommended that you preview them to see exactly how they appear to your customers.  This enables you to make small adjustments and ensure that your customers’ experience is exactly what you need it to be. 

Before You Begin

Required: Valid GateWay account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing page


To preview a page, do the following:

  1. In the Administration Panel menu bar, navigate to CMS > Page
    The Page page opens in the main area and displays a list of existing pages
  2. Locate the page you need to preview and click View Page
    The page opens in a new tab in your browser and displays the page as a customer sees it on your ecommerce website

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