Edit the Details of an eCommerce Product in the Administration Panel

Describes how to edit the details of a product on your ecommerce website in the GateWay Administration Panel.


How to


GateWay Administrator


GateWay Administration Panel, ecommerce


Edit the details of a product, when you need to add or update information about a product that appears on your ecommerce website.  For example, you can add images, or update the description of the product to make it more customer-friendly. The updates you make appear immediately on your ecommerce website.

Note: Your product listings come from your company’s SRM (Systematic Rental Management) application.  As a result, you cannot alter the product name, class or group in GateWay. Your company’s SRM administrator must make any required changes. 

Before You Begin

Required:Valid GateWay account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing product


  1. In the GateWay header menu, navigate to Products > Manage Products
    The Products List page opens
  2. Locate the product you need to edit, and click Edit
    The Edit Product page opens
  3. Optional: Type a brief description of the product in the Product Short Description field
    Note: The product short description appears as a note beneath the product name when you view the details of a product on the ecommerce website
  4. Optional: Type the name of the category/sub-category that this product is associated with in the Search Category field.  For example, if the product is a 50 foot boom lift, you might associate it with your boom lifts sub-category

    The list of existing categories is narrowed to reflect your search term(s)
    Note: Your categories may have any number of sub-categories.  Categories with associated sub-categories have a + next to them.
  5. Click + to view the list of sub-categories associated with a specific category
  6. In the list of categories, click the category or sub-category that you need to associate the product with.  For example, if the product is a 50 foot boom lift, you might associate it with your boom lifts sub-category
    Note: At a minimum, the product must be associated with the Buy or Rent categories
  7. Optional: To add an existing product attribute to this product, such as the maximum lift height, in the Product Attribute panel, do the following:
    1. Click + Add Attribute
      The Product Attribute panel expands to display additional fields
    2. Type the name of a product attribute, such as the maximum lift height, in the Search here field
      The list of attributes is narrowed to reflect your search term(s)
    3. Select the attribute you need to add to this product from the dropdown
      The Value column is updated to include additional selections
    4. Use the Value dropdown to select the value that applies to the product
      Note: You can add multiple values to the same attribute for the same product by repeating steps a - c for each value

      Note: See “Create an Ecommerce Product Category Attribute in the Administration Panel” for more information on creating product attributes and values
    5. Optional: You can rearrange the order the attributes appear in on your ecommerce website by dragging and dropping the order drag handle
  8. Optional: To add a product image to this product, in the Product Image panel, do one of the following:
    1. Drag and drop a file from your device into the Click or Drop Files Here to Upload area
    2. Click the Click or Drop Files Here to Upload area, and use your device’s file manager to select the image you need
  9. Optional: To add more details to the product page on the ecommerce website, In the Product Details panel, do the following:
    1. Under Descriptions, click +New
      The Descriptions section expands to display additional options
    2. Type a name for the details section in the Tab Name field.  For example, if you are providing a description of the product, you might name the section Description.  If you are providing specifications, such as weight or dimensions, you could name the section Specifications
      • The details section appears at the bottom of the product page as a tab. The leftmost tab is the one that is visible by default when a customer accesses the product details
      • You can create multiple tabs on a product page to organize and separate your different pieces of product information by clicking +New
    3. Optional: Type the details for the tab in the body field

      • You can use the available menu options to format your details and add media such as images, links and videos to each tab
      • The content of each tab appears beneath the tab on the product details page of the ecommerce website
  10. Click Save
    The product details are updated and the changes appear immediately on your ecommerce website

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