Edit the Details of an Asset in Texada Mobile

Describes how to view and update the details of an asset in Texada Mobile.


How to


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Edit the details of an asset when you need to update the asset’s information. For example, if the meter information on a metered asset is different from what is listed in the app, you can update it.  

You can also use the asset details as a valuable reference tool to view information about the asset and the work that has been performed on the asset in the past.  Having this information helps you to make informed decisions about any further actions to take with the asset. 

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and Texada Mobile installed, valid Texada Mobile account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing asset


To view the details of an asset, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Mobile dashboard, tap the hamburger menuFLMAAssetMgmtEdit1
    The user menu opens
  2. Tap Asset Management
    The asset search page opens
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Type a search term(s) in the Search field
    2. Tap scan FLMAAssetMgmtEdit4and do the following if the asset has a barcode/QR code and is currently on hand:
      1. In the scan page, position the barcode/QR code within the yellow brackets
      2. Position the red line across the barcode/QR code
        The code is automatically scanned
  4. A list of assets appears that matches your search term(s) or scan results
  5. Tap the asset you need to edit the details of
    The asset details page opens
  6. Optional: Tap Maintenance Schedules and select the appropriate status from the dropdown to update the maintenance schedule code for the asset
  7. Optional: Tap Status and select the appropriate status from the popup to update the status of the asset
    Note: The list of statuses is determined by your SRM (Systematic Rental Management) application administrator
  8. Optional: Type a meter reading for a metered asset in the Meter field
    Note: The meter reading must be 8 characters or less
  9. Tap Save
    Your updates are saved for this asset
    The updates appear in SRM and Texada Web