Email sent to a customer does not arrive

When sending email to a customer through SRM the customer states they did not receive the email message/contents.

Through SRM it is possible to email clients copies of documents such as Reservations, Contracts, Invoices, Statements and more.   In some cases, it is possible that the email message may not be delivered to the customer.

To determine if the email message was successfully sent, use the Email Log:

Reports Menu -> Security -> Email Log

This log file tracks all emails generated through the application, including Portal Confirmations, Automatic Reporting, Compose Email, File Attachments, Telematics, and Contact document emailing of invoices, statements, etc, when activated by the Use Contact Document Emailing flag in the Company Email Configuration.

Documents are logged individually when they are sent to specific contact email addresses, regardless of whether the email is generated individually or as part of a bulk mailing such as statements, print invoice, reprint invoice, daily close, cycle billing, etc.

Documents with no addresses configured (i.e. when print to email for a batch of documents with no email configured) are noted as a single attachment in the log.

This log can be used to confirm if an email has been successfully sent, or if it failed will provide detailed error information as to the cause of failure.

If the email to your client is showing an error, please refer to Unable to send email from SRM for possible causes and troubleshooting.

If the email to the customer exists in the email log as successfully sent then this that some other cause outside of the SRM Platform/SMTP Email Server has prevented it's delivery.

This can have various causes, but the most common are:

Email Spam Filtering: many receiving SMTP Email Servers can be setup to filter/block incoming messages based on a variety of configurable factors.  Recommend to the customer that they check their Spam/Junk email folders for messages, and flag them to not be spam so they are received properly.

Email Delay: in some cases there can simply be a time delay from the message being sent to when it is received.  This would typically be no more then an hour, but can be impacted by many factors that are invisible/outside the control of the SRM Platform/SMTP Email Server.

Attachment Size Limiting: when emailing documents and reports to customers those documents/reports are attached as PDF document to the email message.  Depending on number of/content of those documents/reports the file size of the attachment can vary from very small (a couple of hundred kilobytes) to much larger (several megabytes).   The receiver mail server can be configured to reject/filter some messages if the attachment size is larger then a certain limit.  This is the responsibility of the customer to configure/allow, or provide an alternative delivery method if it cannot be changed.