View the Work Order History of an Asset in Texada Mobile

Describes how to view the work order history of an asset in Texada Mobile.


How to


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View the work order history of an asset when you need to see how many work orders were created in relation to this asset in the past. Use this functionality to view the nature of each work order, and to gain insights into whether an asset is prematurely nearing the end of its life cycle, or is no longer profitable. 

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and Texada Mobile installed, valid Texada Mobile account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing work order, existing asset


To view the work order history for an asset, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Mobile dashboard, tap the hamburger menuFLWAAssetsSearchWorkOrderHistory18
    The user menu opens
  2. Tap Asset Management
    The asset search page opens
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Type a search term(s) in the Search field
    2. Tap scan FLMAAssetMgmtWorkOrderHistory4and do the following if the asset has a barcode/QR code and is currently on hand:
      1. In the scan page, position the barcode/QR code within the yellow brackets
      2. Position the red line across the barcode/QR code
    3. The code is automatically scanned
  4. A list of assets appears that matches your search term(s) or scan results
  5. Tap the asset you need to view the work order history for
    The asset details page opens
  6. Tap Work Orders
    The list of work orders that are related to this asset opens
  7. Optional: Type a search term(s), such as the work order number, in the Search work orders field to narrow the list of work orders
  8. Optional: Tap a work order to view the details of that work order