Create GateWay Login Credentials for a Salesperson in SRM

Describes how to create new GateWay login and password credentials for a salesman user in SRM.


How to


GateWay Administrator, SRM Administrator


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Create GateWay login credentials for your salespeople when you need to give them access to GateWay as a "salesman" user role.  You must create the credentials in SRM, and the GateWay administration panel before the salesman user can create a GateWay account and log into GateWay.

See: "Create a GateWay Account" for more information on how to create a GateWay account.

Before You Begin

Required: SRM installation, GateWay installation, valid login credentials and access permissions, salesperson name, email, and password information



To create GateWay login credentials for a salesman user, do the following:

  1. In SRM, navigate to System Maintenance > Configure System Settings > Customer Management Tab
  2. Next to Salesman Codes, click more options
    The Salesman Codes popup opens
  3. Click Exp/Con
    The Salesman Codes popup is updated with additional fields
  4. Click the Email column next to the salesperson you need to create the GateWay login credentials for, and type or update the email address email address they will use to access GateWay in the field
  5. Click the Change Password field, click add and  then type or update the password the salesperson will use to access GateWay
  6. Make a note of the email address and the password you entered or updated
  7. Click Accept
  8. Click Accept
  9. Navigate to
    The GateWay administration panel login page opens
  10. Type your GateWay Administrator login and password credentials in the Username and Password fields
  11. Click Sign In
    You are logged into the GateWay administration panel
  12. In the menu bar, navigate to Users > Users List
    The list of users opens
  13. Click Create New User
    The create new user popup opens
  14. Type the salesperson's name in the Name field
  15. Type the salesperson's email address in the Email field
    Note: This is the email address that a registration invite is sent to, so it must be a valid email address
  16. Type a password for the salesperson in the Password field
    Note: This is a temporary password for the salesperson that they will have the opportunity to update at a later date
  17. Use the Status toggle to set whether the salesperson is active (can log into GateWay) or inactive (account is disabled)
  18. Optional: Type the appropriate information about the salesperson in the remaining existing fields
  19. Use the Product Access dropdown to select which of your companies' products the salesperson has access to.  For example, you would select your downtown office to only show the products that your downtown location carries
  20. Under Portal Account Details, click Salesman
    The Create a new user popup is updated to display additional fields
  21. Type the email you noted in SRM in the Salesman Portal Email field
  22. Type the password you noted in SRM in the Salesman Portal Password field 
  23. Click Create
    The salesperson's user profile is created in GateWay
    A registration email is sent to the email address you typed 
  24. In the registration email, click Click Here
    The salesperson's GateWay account is created and they can now log into GateWay and view their customer information

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