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Add a FleetLogic User to Multiple Divisions in SRM

Describes how to add an existing SRM user with Fleetlogic access to more than one division in SRM.


How to


SRM Administrator


SRM, FleetLogic web and mobile applications


Add a FleetLogic user to multiple divisions when you need the user to be able to view and/or edit the information from more than one division. 

Before You Begin

Required: Valid SRM account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing user with FleetLogic access, existing division, existing operator code


To add a FleetLogic user to more than one division, do the following:

  1. In SRM, navigate to System Maintenance > Configure System Settings > Security > General Settings
  2. Next to Operators, click more options
    The Operators popup opens
  3. Locate the operator you need to add a division to and click Add Division
    The Add A New Login popup opens
  4. Use the Division dropdown to select the division to add the user to
  5. Type the new operator code for the user profile in the Operator field
  6. Click Accept
    The user profile details popup opens
  7. Use the Default Division dropdown to select the division you need to add the user to
  8. Next to Prompt for Division, click No
  9. Use the Default Location dropdown to select the location you need to add the user to
  10. Next to Prompt for Location, click No
  11. Next to Security Roles, click more options to select a security role for this user profile
    The Assigned Security Roles popup opens and displays a list of security roles that are assigned to the user
  12. Check any security roles that apply to this user profile for this division/location(s)
  13. Click Accept 
    The user can log into FleetLogic
    The security role permission(s) and menu access are applied to this user profile for the selected division/location(s)
    This user profile is linked to your main profile along with all associated division and security role access

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