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Change the Status of a Ticket to Completed in Texada Mobile

Describes how to change the status of a ticket to Completed in Texada Mobile.


How to


Texada Mobile Driver


Texada Mobile


Change the status of a ticket to Completed once you have successfully unloaded all the assets on a ticket.  The Counter then can view the ticket in Texada Web and close the ticket, which begins the billing cycle for your customer, where applicable.

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and Texada Mobile installed, valid Texada Mobile account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing ticket with the Unloading status


To change the status of a ticket to Completed, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Mobile dashboard, tap Tickets
    The list of tickets that are assigned to you opens
  2. Locate and tap the ticket with the Unloading status that you need to update to Completed status
    The ticket details page opens
  3. Ensure all assets on the ticket are in the UNLOADED status
  4. Tap Ticket Complete
    The ticket status is updated to Completed