Change Your Location in the FleetLogic Mobile Application

Describes how to update your location in the FleetLogic mobile application.


How to


FleetLogic Driver, Technician


FleetLogic mobile application


Change your location when you need to view information related to a different location in the FleetLogic mobile application.

Typically users are only assigned to a single location and can only view the information related to that location.  If a user is assigned to more than one location and has the appropriate permissions, they can view the information from more than one location by changing their location in the app.  

For example, if you are a specialized technician, such as an electrician, your specialized skills are likely used across all locations at your company.  As such, you need to be able to see the information for all the locations you service. 

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and mobile application installed, valid FleetLogic account, valid login credentials and access permissions


  1. In the FleetLogic mobile application dashboard, tap the hamburger menu
    The user menu opens
  2. Tap Change Location
    The change location page opens
  3. Under Select your location, tap the location you need to change to
    Your location is selected
    You see the information associated with that location

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