Enable or Disable the Automatic Time Tracker in FleetLogic

Describes how to enable or disable the automatic time tracker function in FleetLogic.


How to


FleetLogic Administrator


FleetLogic web and mobile applications


Enable the automatic time tracker in FleetLogic when you need to automatically prompt your technicians to record their time spent on a work order in the mobile application.  See: "Add Labor to a Work Order in the FleetLogic Mobile Application" for more information. 


Disable the automatic time tracker if your technicians mainly do internal work orders and you do not need to track the time spent on a work order.



  • This functionality is not the same as the Time Tracker menu option in the FleetLogic web application.
  • This functionality only controls whether users are prompted to record their time information, not whether users can record their time. A technician can still record their time, even if this functionality is not enabled.


Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid FleetLogic login credentials

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection



To enable or disable the automatic time tracker, do the following:

  1. In the Fleetlogic dashboard, navigate to the personal profile
    The user option drop-down opens
  2. Navigate to Settings > Auto Time Tracker
  3. Click the toggle to enable or disable the automatic time tracker 

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