View a Completed Standalone Inspection Form in the FleetLogic Mobile Application

Describes how to view a completed standalone inspection form for a specific asset in the FleetLogic mobile application.


How to


FleetLogic Technician


FleetLogic mobile application


View a completed inspection form to gain insights into previous standalone inspections that were conducted on an asset to better assess its condition. 

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and mobile application installed, valid FleetLogic account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing inspection form


To view a completed standalone inspection form on an asset, do the following:

  1. In the FleetLogic mobile application dashboard, tap the hamburger menu
  2. Tap Asset Management
    The asset search page opens
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Type a search term(s) in the Search field
    2. Tap scan and do the following if the asset has a barcode/QR code and is currently on hand:
      1. In the Scan Code page, position the barcode/QR code within the yellow brackets
      2. Position the red line across the barcode/QR code
      The code is automatically scanned

    A list of assets appears that matches your search term(s) or scan results
  4. Tap the asset you need to view the inspection form for
    The asset details page opens
  5. Tap the inspections tab
    The inspections page opens for the asset and displays a list of completed standalone inspections
  6. Scroll through the list of inspections to locate the inspection you need to view
  7. Tap the inspection
    The View Inspection page opens
  8. Optional: If the form contains a checkbox/comments type field, you can tap comments to add an updated comment

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