View a Notification in the FleetLogic Mobile Application

Describes how to view a notification message in the FleetLogic mobile application.


How to


FleetLogic Technician, Driver


FleetLogic mobile application


Use notifications in the FleetLogic mobile application to stay up to date as to which tickets, work orders and in yard returns are assigned to you, along with any added comments.   

When you are finished reading a notification, you can mark it as read, or mark all the notifications as read.  The next time you log into the app, any notifications you marked as read are removed from the list. This helps keep your notifications list clean and free of clutter.

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and mobile application installed, valid FleetLogic account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing work order assigned to you


To view your work order notifications, do the following:

  1. In the FleetLogic mobile application dashboard, tap Notifications
    The list of notifications opens
  2. Optional: Tap a notification to mark it as read
  3. Optional: Tap Mark all as read to mark all the notifications as being read
  4. Optional: Tap Delete all read to delete all viewed notifications

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