Which Barcode Scanner can be used with SRM for Scanning Driver's License Barcodes

Most North American driver's licenses have a 2D barcode on the reverse side. This code contain name, address, and other information to help identify the customer and can be used by SRM to create new or find existing customers.

As barcode scanner technology rapidly changes, Texada will work to test specific models, however if you are looking to purchase a device it is strongly recommended you ask your supplier for a "demo" model which you can test with to ensure it will work, or at the very least, understand the return policy for the device.

Currently most Zebra and Symbol scanners that have the ability to parse the Driver's License data can be programmed to work with SRM. The scanner must have the "DL" option to operate correctly.

We have tested the Symbol DS4308P with the DL option and it has passed the test.

Before you begin using the scanner it must be programmed to parse the information from the license correctly. Use this QR code to program the scanner for use with SRM.

Programming Barcode