Getting Started

Log In and Out of the GateWay Administration Panel

Describes how to log in and out of the GateWay administration panel.


How to


GateWay Administrator


GateWay administration panel



Log into the GateWay administration panel when you need to use administration panel functionality such as adding new user accounts or managing your ecommerce product content. Log out of the administration panel when you are finished working with it as a best practice to ensure the security of your data. 

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid GateWay account, valid SRM account, valid login credentials and access permissions



Log into the administration panel

  1. In your web browser, navigate to your GateWay URL, suffixed by “/admin”. 

    For example, if your GateWay URL is, then you would navigate to

    The GateWay administration panel login page opens
  2. Type your GateWay Administrator user name in the Username field
  3. Type your GateWay Administrator password in the Password field
  4. Click Sign In
    You are logged into the administration panel

Log out of the administration panel

  1. In the administration panel header bar, use the admin dropdown to select Logout

    You are logged out of the administration panel

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