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Ticket communication milestones

Texada communicates at once one of 5 separate milestones are reached

Communication milestones

  1. Ticket resolution
    1. Once a ticket is resolved, the resolution is immediately sent to the customer through our ticket system.
    2. Simple tickets are able to reach resolution quickly, more complicated tickets take longer to get to this point.
  2. Escalated to Engineering
    1. As soon as a ticket is determined to require escalation to a back-end team, a communication is sent to the customer advising them.
    2. Some escalated tickets are able to be resolved, at which point the ticket is updated and communicated as per milestone 1.  Other tickets require to go through the sprint process which involves milestones 3 and 4.
  3. Planned work
    1. Escalated tickets that need to be worked on in a sprint are communicated as soon as they are booked for a specific sprint.
    2. ETAs are shared based on the sprint timelines and whether the work is known to be release dependent or not.
  4. Planned work completion
    1. Once work is completed in a sprint, an update is shared based on what was found or fixed and any updates to the existing timelines are shared.
  5. Considered first look
    1. A ticket that is not simple enough to be quickly resolved or escalated is given at least 15 minutes of diligence by a Support Coordinator before being communicated to the customer with next steps and set either to Initial Triage for further review by the Support Coordinator or Product Consultant Review by one of our Subject Matter Experts

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