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Describes how to create a new part in Texada Web.


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Texada Web Service Manager or Counter


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Create a part in Texada Web when you purchase a new part and need to add it to your inventory so you can associate it with work orders and invoices. 

Adding parts to your inventory enables you to track the quantity, cost, and overall value you gain for that part, giving you detailed insights into the profitability of your business.

Note: While you can create parts in Texada Web, it is recommended that you use the Warehouse Receiving module in Purchase Orders in SRM instead. 

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions, existing part information:

  • Product number
  • Product description
  • Existing part class
  • Existing part group
  • Cost type information

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection


To create a new asset, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Web menu bar, navigate to Inventory > Add New Part
    The CREATE NEW PART page opens in the main area
  2. Type the product number in the Product Number field
  3. Type a brief description of the part such as name, size, or dimensions in the Part Description field
  4. Optional: Use the Vendor drop-down to select an existing vendor from the list
    Note: Use vendors to indicate where the part originated from
  5. Use the Part Class drop-down to select the class of the part
    Note: the list of part classes is configured in SRM
  6. Use the Part Group drop-down to select the group that the part belongs to
    Note: the list of part groups is configured in SRM
  7. Optional: Type the model number and make of the part in the provided fields
  8. Optional: Type the date or use the calendar in the Date of Manufacture field to add the date the part was originally manufactured to keep on top of items that expire, were recalled, or are nearing the natural end of their operational lifespan
  9. Optional: Type the list price for the part in the List Price field
  10. Optional: Type the markup percentage amount as a number for the part in the Markup % field if you need to maintain a specific markup on the part to account for varying market prices
  11. Optional: Type the numeric quantity of the parts on hand in the Quantity on Hand field 
    Note: Quantity on hand is not the same as the quantity of the part you have available. Quantity on hand represents the entire amount of this part, whether they are in the yard or in the field
  12. Optional: Type the average cost per part in the Average Cost Each field to set an initial average cost for the part
    Note: If you need to adjust the average cost after the part is created, use the Markup % field to account for the difference
  13. Under Cost Type, do one of the following:
    1. Click Average if you need to add a cost value to the Average Cost Each field
    2. Click Zero Cost if you need to set the cost of the part as zero if the part has already been expensed
  14. Optional: Check Include in Inventory if this is a part that you need to track the quantity, cost, and value for such as filters or hoses. Uncheck this box if you do not need to track the quantity, cost, and value of an item such as paper towels. 
  15. Optional: Click + SAFETY NOTES to add safety information about the part to work orders, tickets, invoices, or other system-generated documents
    • Safety note types are configured in SRM for all items and classes
    • Safety notes are general safety information about a part such as warnings to not use a part near water

    The SAFETY NOTES section expands to display additional fields
  16. Optional: Check an item in the list to select the safety note as being applicable to that part
  17. Optional: In the BARCODES section, if you need to add the barcode associated with a part, click +Add, and do the following
    1. In the new field, type or scan the barcode
      • Click +Add as many times as required to add as many barcodes as needed, such as a vendor barcode, an internal barcode, or a QR code
      • Click - next to a field to remove that barcode
  18. Optional: Type any notes related to the part, such as whether the part is discontinued or to suggest an alternate vendor in the COMMENTS field
    Note: Comments are for internal use only and do not appear on documents
  19. Click Create Part
    The part is added to the list of parts


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