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Describes the purpose of and main scenarios for using Texada Analytics. Describes how to access and navigate Texada Analytics.






Texada Analytics, SRM, Power BI web and mobile applications

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Texada Analytics is a tool that delivers interactive insights from your SRM data as well as any other data sources.

We have partnered with Power BI, a Microsoft tool, to deliver this to you. All the functionality of Power BI is available through Texada Analytics, plus the ability to connect automatically to SRM data and be guaranteed nightly refreshes of your data.

There are three elements that work together in Texada Analytics:

  1. A windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop
  2. An online SaaS service called the service (the primary interaction tool for most people)
  3. Mobile apps to view the reports and dashboards available to you in the service

Licensing and Login

Your license gives you a pro license. That means that you can create your own reports from the desktop application or the service and share them with other individuals in your organization. 

Your username and password are provided by a Texada representative.

Out-of-the-Box Features

When you login, you will be presented with a left menu. The table below describes what each menu item is.

Menu Item



Landing page with favourites, Power BI documentation, and recommendations


A place for you to see most recently accessed reports


A place for you to import data to create a report in the SaaS application


A place for you to see the datasets that you have access to


You should have access to an app with your company name. This is a consolidated view of all of the out-of-the-box reports that Texada Analytics provides. The datasets that are populating these reports will be highlighted in a section below. 

Shared with me

Anything shared with you by other members of your organization or Texada 


My Workspace: Your own folder to store any edited reports or reports that are work in progress

Company Name Workspace: Reports you want to share with other people who have a Texada Analytics license 

*  You will get access to data from SRM presented to you in different visualizations. You have the ability to edit the report.

Visualization Tools



Used For
String Text value
DateTime Date or time
Int64 Number
Double General

Star schema diagrams
show how the different tables of data relate to each other.

In the following star schema diagram, you will see lines with arrows through them that illustrate the direction of filtering possible. At the end of the relationship lines, you will see a ‘*’ or ‘1.’ This concept is called cardinality.  The analytics tool uses cardinality to look for multiple matches of a primary key column in another table. 

The Product table will filter the ProductSales table. There is only one unique product code in the product table, but there may be multiple product code rows of data in the ProductSales table.