Edit a Customer Record in Texada Web

Describes how to access, view, and edit a customer record in Texada Web.


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Texada Web Service Manager or Counter


Texada Web, Texada Mobile



Edit a customer record in Texada Web when you need to view or update a customer’s details. For example, if you need to update a customer’s site information, you can edit the record and add a new site. 

Note: You cannot update all fields on a customer record.

You can customize the lists of contacts, sites, or driver’s licenses while editing a customer profile.  See: “Customize a List in Texada Web ” for more information on customizing and filtering these lists.

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection; valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions; an existing customer

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection


To edit a customer record, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Web menu bar, navigate to Customers > Customer List
    The list of existing customers opens in the main area
  2. Click the customer you need to edit
    The CUSTOMER page opens in the main area
  3. Click Edit
    You can edit the fields in the record
    Note: Not all fields can be edited
  4. Optional: Click +SITES to view and add to the list of sites associated with the customer
    The SITES section expands to display additional fields
  5. Optional: Click the Customer tab to view a list of sites that are specific to that customer and can only be selected for that customer
  6. Optional: Click the Global tab to view a list of sites that more than one customer can be added to
  7. Optional: To add a new Customer or Global site to the customer record, do the following:
    1. Click Add New Site
      The Add New Site pop-up opens
    2. Optional: Type or use the calendar menu to record the date the site was opened in the Open Date field
    3. Type a name for the site in the Site Name field
    4. Optional: Check Open if a site is open (active) or leave unchecked if the site is closed (inactive)
    5. Optional: Check Global Site if the site is a global site and you need it to appear in the list of global sites
    6. Optional: Type any additional information in the appropriate fields
    7. Click Save Site
      The site is added to the list of sites
      Note: Click a site in the list to update the site information
  8. Optional: Make any additional updates to the customer record
  9. Click Save Changes
    Your updates are saved


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