Log In and Out of Texada Mobile

Describes how to log in and log out of Texada Mobile.


How to




Texada Mobile


Log into Texada Mobile when you need to take advantage of the app’s capabilities.  Log out when you are finished using the application to ensure that your data remains secure.

Note: If your company uses the clock in/out functionality in Texada Mobile, logging out also automatically clocks you out. See: “Clock In or Out of Texada Mobile” for more information.

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and Texada Mobile installed, valid Texada Mobile account, valid login credentials and access permissions


Log into Texada Mobile

  1. On your mobile device, tap the Texada Mobile app Texada Web
    Texada Mobile opens on the login page
  2. Type the email associated with your account in the Email field
  3. Type the password associated with your account in the Password field
  4. Tap Login
    You are logged into Texada Mobile

Log out of Texada Mobile

  1. In the Texada Mobile dashboard, tap the hamburger menuFLMALogin4
    The user menu opens
  2. Tap Log Out
    You are logged out of Texada Mobile