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Google Chrome: Data Breach Change Your Password Notification

The following notification can appear when logging into a Texada Platform product: Change Your Password: A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends changing your password.


In early 2019 Google introduced enhanced security protections to help protect users of Google Chrome from data breaches. Part of this protection was the optional Password Checkup Extension. It's purpose is to trigger a warning if the username and password used is one of over 4 billion credentials that Google considers to be unsafe.

As of early 2020, this extension is now enabled by default and on for all users of Google Chrome. As a result, some users may see this notification when logging into a Texada Software product.

Texada Software's platform and client data hosted by Texada Software has not been compromised and remains secure.

The cause of the notification appearing is the use of a low security password for Operator login, such as ABC123, 111111, etc.

To resolve this issue Texada Software strongly recommends that any user encountering this message change and update their password to a stronger, more personally unique password. For details of how to update a password, please reference:

Reset or Change Your Password in SRM
Reset a Password in Texada Web
Reset or Change Your Password in the Customer Access Portal