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Ticket Severities

This article defines case severity levels and response times for created cases.

Severity 1: Unable to use or access the system

These incidents are our most severe, covering multiple or all aplications being down for all users, or catastrophic problems preventing all users from accessing the Production environment.  The software being completely inaccessible, preventing the normal course of business.  For an issue to qualify as Severity 1, no reasonable workarounds are available.

Examples of Severity 1 would be the Texada platform is down

  • Immediate response (within 60 minutes)
  • Severity 1 Incidents are automatically escalated
  • Licensee notified that issue is being escalated
  • Texada will use best efforts to resolve within 24 hours

Severity 2: A business process is not working

These incidents are defined as having major functionality impact or performance degradation to the extent that the application is not useable for business purposes.

Examples of Severity 2 would be the inability to perform the main functionality of an application: create a contract in SRM, create a quote in iQuote, create a Work Order in ServiceLink

  • 120 minute response time
  • Severity 2 incidents are automatically escalated until a solution or workaround is achieved
  • Licensee notified that issue is being escalated
  • Texada will use best efforts to resolve or deliver an acceptable work-around within 3 business days

Severity 3: All other problems (not affecting business productivity) 

Features of the Texada Platform are unavailable or do not work as stated, but an alternative solution is available or non-essential features of the Texada Platform are unavailable with no alternative solution. The licensee impact is minimal loss of operational functionality. 

An example of a Severity 3 would be the reservation module is not working in the counter worksheet, but reservations could still be entered and converted in the reservation module itself.

  • 1 business day response time
  • Problem and impact to business defined
  • Incident escalated after evaluation if required
  • Licensee notified that issue is being escalated

Severity 4: No immediate business impact 

Requests, inquiries, or technical issues that do not affect the usability of the software.  Feature requests are by definition Severity 4, issues in non-live/Sandbox/Play environments, as well as bugs with reasonable workarounds.

Examples of Severity 4 would be a request for a particular data extract or report that is not part of the standard product. Another example would be a change request to the look or function of a data entry screen.

  • 5 business day response time
  • Request and specifications defined by Licensee
  • Resolution measured at best effort

Application Uptime

Texada Software measures availability as 24 x 7 hours/days excluding time for scheduled downtime or general internet failures.  The Service Level Objective of our applications will be 99.8% of the time on a monthly basis.

Client Responsibilities

  • If the Texada Platform is inaccessible, the licensee must contact Support via phone and explicitly state that no one in the organization can access the Texada Platform; all other cases should be logged via email, web, or phone.
  • The licensee will be courteous and professional in conducting business with Texada Software.
  • The licensee will provide all information relevant to the case, including, but not limited to, the faulty function, the expected results, the actual results and the steps taken to reproduce the issue.

Texada Responsibilities

  • Texada Support staff will conduct business with licensee in a courteous and professional manner.
  • All information regarding the case will be recorded in our support tracking software.

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