Contact Support

How to Contact Support

Texada Software tracks all customer issues as cases in our ticketing system.  The following methods are available for reporting issues.

Our recommended method of asking for Support is by creating a ticket on our New Ticket Form here:  This form asks questions that allow us to get to the heart of the matter and work on your concern with the least delay.

For urgent issues, please call us at one of the following numbers

  • North America: 1-800-361-1233
  • Australia Rental products: 800-921-302
  • Australia CloudLink products: 800-304-926
  • New Zealand Rental products: 0508 589 101
  • Handle customers: 763-548-0828

We also have a number of other resources such as our growing knowledge base found at

Submitted Ticket Severity and Priority

  • Every case is ranked for Severity according to this article by Texada Support staff.
  • We ask our customers to rank their cases by Impact and Urgency which we combine into a Priority value which we use to prioritize the ticket.
    • Impact is to indicate how large of an impact the ticket has for the customer
      • Does it impact one user, one store or group, or the whole company
    • Urgency is to indicate how much the issue affects the ability to continue working
      • Does the issue allow work to continue, does it do so only with a workaround or does it stop work
    • We combine these answers according to the following chart
    • Tickets submitted by email are automatically ranked at Medium priority unless otherwise indicated.